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                             LATES NEWS


09.Mai: Short report of the Cervia Kite Festival with pictures and video is online.


20. April: Pictures and short report of kite tour Pasir Gudang - Johor Bharu - Satun are online


7. April: Sven und Volker are on tour to visit the kite festivals in Shanghai, Xian and Weifang in China.


17. Februar: At the 21st. of February, Olli, Andy and Volker will leave for the kite tour Pasir Gudang - Johor Bharu - Satun.


14. Februar: Short Report and pictures of the International Kite Festival in Delhi are online.


15. Dezember: Short Report and pictures of the following three kite festivals are online: Xiamen, Wuhan and Shenzhen 


07. Oktober: Report of the North Taipei international kite festival.


05. Oktober: Short report and some pictures of the Bondi Beach Kite Festival (Sydney)


28. August: Kurzbericht vom Cuxkite-Drachenfest in Otterndorf.


30. Mai: Volker visited the Kite Festival Pingtung, Taiwan. See our short report.


3. Mai: Aerial and Ground photography from Kite Festival Cervia 2016.


21. April: Aerial photography from Kitefestival Berck sur Mer.


20. April: Kurzbericht zum Drachenfest in Berck-sur mer ist online.


16. März: Bereicht von den Drachenfesten Pasir Gudang, Malaka und Satun sind jetzt online.