Astana International Kitefestival, 4.7-6.7.2015 in Astana/ Kasachstan  

Volker joined this year the first time the Astana Kitefestival.   

Arrived at the airport of the capital of Kasachstan, he was immediately picked up and shuttled to the just-opened hotel close to the centre of the city. 
The first day started with some time to rest, and in the afternoon, an informative city tour followed. It was nice to see the different views of Astana, including the Bajterek Tower   and Khan Shaty Tent. 
On saturday, the kite festival started. The flying field was close to the river Ischim and very big, free of trees and equipped with anchor stones. 
The wind was good, temperatures OK and the visitors of the festival were interested in the show. 
For sunday, the wind was a bit stronger, with some difficult minutes in between and few torrents of rain. But most of the time, it was good weather to fly kites. And if sth. got wet, it could be dried latest on monday in the wind under the sun of Astana. 
To describe it in a few words: Nice festival in the heart of a capital, definately a great experience. 
Thanks a lot to the organisers who made this event possible.
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