Satun International Kite Festival

Satun International Kite Festival
Andy, Olli and Volker visited this year the kitefestival in Satun => 2.3.2017-6.3.2017
Like in the past years, the event was very well organized by the Kite Couple Baew and Ron Spaulding and their team.
Arriving at the kitefield we could see many sandbags, and later, even more were delivered and distributed according to the needs of the kitefliers.
For the big kites, 4 vehicles were available as anchors. Food on the kitefield was very good and plentiful.
Refreshing fruits were on offer most time of the day, and big chilly bins kept the water at cold temperatures, thanks to endless amounts of ice cubes.
The marquee area closeby offered many more snacks in the afternoon and evening.
On the Monday after the festival, the group of kites went for a kayak tour.
Once again, it was a great pleasure to join this kite festival.
Thanks a lot to the Kite Couple, the Siamese Cats, the city of Satun and all other supporters of this Event.