Festival International de Cherf-volantes de Dieppe

Volker visited the Festival International de Cherf-volantes de Dieppe this year as a „tourist“.

After an arrival at 9:00 on thursday, it became obvious, that there is no lack of wind.

Spongebob and a maxi SFT where launched after loading the bigbags with additional shivel.

Some rain occured during the day, but together with Peter Lynn, Avita and others, we kept kites up at the beachside.

On Friday, the wind was a bit less, and the sun became visible for several hours. More kites where flown, especially in the „champ de presentation“. There, George Peters and Robert Braisington used just a bit of space to get big amounts of kites into the air. They did, as usual, a very good job. Many more fliers used the rest of the field to show their creations.

The area dedicated for the Windgardens was well used by many different „wind Gardeners“. The installations ranged from well engineered windmills, lifting golf balls up into tracks and driving crying puppets to artistic display areas to collections of pots and pans to recycling works to many more creative ideas.

Saturday was similar to friday, although the wind started offshore, which complicated the flying a bit, especially after the 1hr. Windshift to onshore wind.

On Sunday, all enjoyed sunshine and very suitable wind.

In one sentence, I may describe the envent like this: Top kitefliers from all over the world, put together in nice scenery with great local delicacies.



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