Kite Festival Lemwerder
Kite Festival Lemwerder

I fly kites all my live. Starting at the North Sea where I grew up and met the No Limit Team and became a part of this group. Later I lived and studied in Kiel at the Baltic Sea. There I studied chemistry.


Because of a job after my PhD.-Thesis, I moved to live and work for three years in Austria between Salzburg and Vienna close to Linz.


Now I live in cologne, but the contact to the No Limit Team is dispite these distaces still very close.


I normally share the kites with my brother Volker and if there is no wind, I "kill the time" while stilt walking to offer the guests of the Kite Festivals an other part of the interesting and wide range of Kite Flyers.

A small collection of Kite Festivals I visited with short report on our homepage. Click the links below to see the report and some picture:




Berg sur Mer

Niagara 1   

Niagara 2



Batlic Sea 

Saint Honore (Canada)



The kites of my brother and me.